«Thia was born to be a crow rider. In her kingdom of Rhodaire, magical elemental crows are what keep the city running. For her entire life, Thia has known she will hatch a crow, train it, and become a rider–a warrior. But then the Illucian empire invades in a calculated attack–they kill all the crows and destroy the eggs in a horrible fire that also robs Thia of her mother and mentor. When Thia’s sister, Caliza, becomes the new queen of Rhodaire, she is forced to agree to a marriage between Thia and the Illucian heir in an effort to save her people. Prince Ericen is rude and cruel, and Thia can’t imagine traveling into the heart of an enemy city after so much has been taken from her. But before she leaves, she finds a crow egg in the rubble of the rookery. In Illucia, she must hatch the last crow, hold her own against the crown prince, and ignite a rebellion to take back what is hers.»

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